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What Every Stay-At-Home Mom Should Know About Divorce

Facing the aftermath of a divorce is a serious challenge, especially for stay-at-home moms. Besides the emotional strain of a separation, stay-at-home parents may have to deal with the added financial burden of supporting themselves and, more than likely, their children.

Often, child support and alimony aren't enough, which means that many full-time moms have to find work after divorce.

Get to Know Your Resources

The first step is understanding your financial resources. Take a look at your household income and your financial needs. Gather any important documents that can help you gain a full understanding of your budget and substantiate it in court. This includes:

  • Bank Statements
  • Tax Information
  • Income / Expenses
  • Joint Assets / Debts
  • Titles & Registrations

Consider Child Custody & Support

If you are a stay-at-home parent, your spouse may owe spousal or child support after divorce. Talk with your attorney to learn more about your financial options and rights. With the help of a skilled lawyer, you can seek full support from your spouse.

How to Look for a Job After Divorce

After working as a full-time parent for many years (or even several), you could experience difficulties restarting your career. Here are a few ways to prep for the post-divorce job search:

  • Analyze your skills, education, and experience
  • Take time to update and refurbish your resume
  • If necessary, considering training or schooling
  • If your skills are outdated, update them accordingly
  • Consider a job that lets you work from home

Talk to the Right Divorce Attorney

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