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How to Obtain an Order of Protection in St. Louis

Orders of Protection offer relief from violence, stalking, threatening, and in some cases can enforce obligations such as child support. In Missouri, orders of protection are filed against family members and household members primarily, but can also be filed against a non-family member in the event of stalking. These court orders protect the petitioner against actions of the individual that was served the order of protection.

If you are living under threat of violence or have endured physical abuse, follow the steps below to obtain an Order of Protection:

  1. File for the Order of Protection at your nearest courthouse.
  2. The court will review your petition and either:
    1. Grant an ex parte Order of Protection
    2. Give you a court date for a full hearing
  3. The respondent (whom you are filing the Order of Protection against) will be served the Order and notified of the date of the full hearing.
  4. Attend the full Order of Protection hearing. It is extremely important that you are on-time for this hearing. The court may deny your petition simply for being late. At this hearing, the court will either:
    1. Deny the petition
    2. Grant the Order of Protection for up to 1 year
  5. If the Order is granted, you and the respondent will receive a copy. A copy will also the sheriff or police so that the Order can be enforced.

There is also relief available for children who are victims of abuse with Child Orders of Protection. According to § 455.503 of the Missouri Statutes, parents and guardians can petition on behalf of their child. This process closely resembles the process for filing adult Orders of Protection.

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