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How to Protect Your Finances During a Divorce

Studies show that financial strain is a contributing factor in many divorces, but filing for a divorce can lead to even bigger money problems without proper guidance and planning. If you are considering a divorce, protecting your finances is essential.

The First Step is Getting Legal Help

In the face of a divorce, sound legal guidance is the first step toward a secure financial future. At any point in the legal process, you will probably have questions. Common concerns are:

  • Can I afford to get a divorce?
  • How will we divide our assets?
  • Can I maintain my standard of living?
  • What about our debts and assets?
  • Will I pay/receive alimony/ maintenance or child support?

These are legitimate questions with real answers, and a skilled matrimonial attorney can help you find a solution. Your family is unique, and your divorce will involve a multitude of individual circumstances and factors that determine the answer to these questions and many others. By working with an attorney, you can protect your financial rights.

Gather the Right Information

With a divorce on the horizon, now is the time to gather as much information about your cash flow and debt as possible. This includes records of your income, debts, and living expenses. This might include credit cards, pay stubs, and mortgage information.

If you have children with your spouse, keep track of their living expenses too. Education, medical expenses, daycare, and other costs will contribute to your child support and alimony/maintenance, if applicable.

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