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The Link Between Online Dating & Divorce

It's easy to meet partners online, but studies show that it might be just effortless to end relationships that start on the web. While online dating produces many successful marriages, some researchers believe that there is a link between divorce and dating websites. In a recent study, one woman analyzed data for couples who met online and discovered that people who meet on dating websites are more likely to end their dating/marriage relationships.

One reason for this could be that online dating offers people more options. If you can meet someone online, chances are, you can meet someone else if you break up or divorce. Generally speaking, people who have a lot of experience dating on the web know that there are other potential mates for them online. Breaking up can seem like less of a big deal.

In addition to analyzing online dating relationships, the study explored these statistics as related to married couples who met on dating websites. During the course of the study, eight percent of married couples who met on the web divorced, opposed to only two percent of marriage partners who began their relationships offline.

Fewer Couples Who Meet Online Actually Get Married

While married couples who met online may be quicker to divorce, research also suggests that they're reticent to get married in the first place. According to the same study, 32% of individuals who met their dating partners online got married, opposed to the 67% who met through another means.

According to the study, shopping for a spouse is a lot like shopping for anything else. One famous study in 1995 found that people are more likely to purchase expensive jam when presented with only six varieties (instead of 24 or 30 options). Shopping for a marriage partner, some researchers say, is a lot like shopping for jam; people are more likely to choose a life partner when presented with fewer options.

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