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How Your Family Can Benefit from Parent Education Classes

St. Louis County, St. Louis City and St. Charles Counties require divorcing parents to attend Parent Education Classes. In St. Louis County, every divorce, legal separation, paternity, or modification of a previous custody order require class attendance, too. Parent Education Classes are designed to instruct parents on the ramifications of divorce in their children's lives. Most classes are offered in a single, two-and-a-half hour session. During the lecture, an instructor will not only help parents understand the divorce process, but provide constructive ways to help their children cope with the changes ahead.

Parent Education Classes in Missouri

St. Charles County offers a variety of Parent Education Classes, viewable here. Classes offered in St. Charles County include:

  • "Children Come First"
  • "Focus on Children"
  • "Focus on Kids"
  • "Kids in the Middle"

For security purposes, parents are not allowed to take the classes at the same time. To learn more about Parent Education Classes in St. Louis County, visit

"Why should I take a Parent Education Class?"

Parent Education Classes are required by the court, but this isn't the only reason divorcing parents should attend. Divorce is never easy, especially if you have children. Every child reacts differently to divorce, but common responses include anger, confusion, frustration, and sadness. It is imperative for you to provide the guidance your children need during the divorce/separation process.

"When is the best time to take a Parent Education Class?"

You may choose to attend the class before or after you / your spouse file for divorce. If you file first, the court will provide a cause number, which may be useful during the class. Once you complete the class, the county will give you a certificate of attendance with your number to verify that you completed the required coursework. If one parent refuses to attend a required Parent Education Class, the court may take action against him/her.

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